Dr. Lucy Mayblin & Poppy James
Asylum and refugee support: civil society filling the gaps?

What is the scale of the refugee third sector response to gaps in the support regime for asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers and refugees?

This report, by Lucy Mayblin of the University of Warwick,  estimates the financial cost to the refugee third sector of poverty and destitution among these groups. It looks at where refugee third sector organisations are, how many people they are
supporting, which groups they are supporting, how they are funded, and support that is hard to cost.

The report concludes:
Ø That third sector organisations are spending at least £33.4 million per year on supporting asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers and refugees.
Ø That this spend has decreased by more than £10million in recent years due to decreased government funding.
Ø That new organisations are nevertheless appearing (around 7 per year) in asylum dispersal areas owing to client demand.
Ø That the majority of those in receipt of support should already be supported within either the asylum support system, or the mainstream benefits system.