Claire Sullivan and Rudy Schulkind, BID.
Adults at Risk: the ongoing struggle for vulnerable adults in detention

The Adults at Risk (“AAR”) policy was introduced by the Home Office in September 2016 to address the many failings identified by Stephen Shaw’s review of the welfare of vulnerable people in detention. The government’s AAR policy response aimed to “lead to a reduction in the number of vulnerable people detained and a reduction in the duration of detention before removal.”
This research examined the operation of the new AAR policy and found that the policy fails to achieve its stated aims. The number of vulnerable people detained remains unacceptably high and Home Office decision makers are routinely failing to identify and respond to worrying cases of vulnerability. BID considers that there are serious problems with both the design and the implementation of the AAR policy.
A number of problems relating to the structure of the AAR policy are outlined in part 1 of the report, which sets out how the new AAR policy works. The structural problems identified are expanded upon in the findings, along with concerns about its implementation. Part 1 of the report also frames the scope of the research and the methods chosen.