CCME and WACC Europe
Changing the Narrative: Media Representation of Refugees and Migrants in Europe

The project Refugee Reporting  assesses media representation of refugees and migrants in Europe, bringing together the communities of media professionals and refugees to examine how refugees and migrants themselves could be heard and influence coverage of issues affecting their lives, and examine standards that would promote reporting that respects refugees and migrants.

The results of this project have both confirmed and challenged some assumptions about reporting on refugees. Over three-quarters of the stories analysed in the project do not identify an individual refugee or migrant nor include their voice or experience. This is partially explained by the focus of the majority of articles on national legislation. However, it points to a pattern of invisibility that creates a clear divide between the policies being
discussed at the political level and the effects of those policies on people. 

On the other hand, the infrequent use of the term “illegal migrant” and the significant proportion of “impartial” reporting are positive signs.

Yoiu can find the report here.