Dave Smith
Refugee Action looking for Asylum Guides

Refugee Action’s Asylum Guide programme is growing across the UK. Rooted in the principles of Early Action and focused on legal education, the Asylum Guide programme trains volunteers to support asylum seekers to be better equipped for each stage of their asylum journey.

With programmes in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, Refugee Action are looking for 15 organisations to join them over the next year. The current project is aiming to work with organisations which work with asylum seekers already and who have – desirably – an advice service or partnership with one.

“I couldn’t do anything before by myself, I couldn’t ring a solicitor, I couldn’t go to meetings, now I feel more confident, I travel to places by myself, I ask my solicitor when I have questions. You helped me when I was in the dark” – Asylum Guide client

Refugee Action offer ongoing support and training to each organisation so they’re equipped to run the programme. The website contains a coordinator toolkit, a volunteer toolkit and support videos to help organisations deliver Asylum Guides: you can find it here.

“I hope many people can get the same help in the future. Many people misunderstand the process, so it would be very good for them to have the same support... The project should be announced publicly for more people to access it.” - Asylum Guide client

Asylum Guides is a brilliant way for your organisation to offer Early Action support to more people. If you’re interested in finding out more, please register your details online or contact the Asylum Guides National Programme Project Manager directly