Dave Smith
Home Affairs Committee Report Heavily Critical of Asylum Accommodation

The Home Affairs Committee published the original detailed report on asylum accommodation in January 2017. That report highlighted the failures of the Home Office inspection and compliance regimes to deal with properties left in a substandard, unsanitary or unsafe condition. 

This second report returned to the subject of asylum accommodation due to concerns raised in recent months about the Government’s handling of the process to replace COMPASS. It focuses upon three main issues: the contracts and the strategic relationship between the Government and local authorities; the standards of accommodation provided for asylum seekers; and the question of fairness in the dispersal process.

Nearly two years after the previous report, very little has improved and mistrust by local authorities of central government has deepened. The report recommends yet again that local authorities should be closely involved in developing the replacement to COMPASS and have a genuine partnership role in making decisions under the new contracts and overseeing their implementation.