Dave Smith
'Blanket Study Ban' for young asylum seekers.

From January 2018, legal changes that are part of the Immigration Act 2016 have come into force. Now anyone claiming asylum is considered to be on “immigration bail” until their application to remain in the UK is decided. The restrictions were previously limited to not working, living at a specified address, or reporting to the police or Home Office, but now it also applies to study.

In the last few weeks many young asylum seekers have been told that they are not allowed to study – just weeks before some had been due to take important exams. Others, who had been granted a bursary to attend university, will no longer be able to take up the offer. Some asylum seekers have only discovered they are under a study ban after charity workers examined their new paperwork and noticed that a box had been ticked.

Charity workers and solicitors have discovered that the Home Office are simply issuing new paperwork without explaining that changes have been made. Many young asylum seekrs are not aware of the change, meaning that if people do not notice and keep studying then they are in danger of breaching their bail conditions. This in turn may lead to asylum appeals being rejected.

A full report on this can be found here in the Observer article on 8.4.18