Dave Smith
Love Has No Borders

i61 Clothing has aims to be a brand that does more than create a great collection of ethical and sustainable clothing. They aspire to create garments that inspire people who wear them to do good, to carry kind and generous attitudes and become part of a brand that is built on restoring dignity.

10% of all profits goes directly to i61 Dignity Project to aid a variety of social action initiatives, currently focusing on vulnerable refugees and those who are homeless. i61 has teamed up with two charities to make this happen: Samara's Aid Appeal sends lorries with boxes full of clothes, medical aid and food to refugees on the ground in camps in the Middle East; and GlassDoor which provides shelter and aid in sixteen churches in and around London, 

The current t-shirt design 'Love Has No Borders', helps support refugees in camps abroad and those without a home in the UK by donating 100% of profit from every t-shirt sold. This helps i61 to help give clothing to displaced refugees in the Middle East, or those fleeing their country, and the homeless in the UK.