Mary Brandon, Asylum Matters
Latest on Lift The Ban Coalition

On 3rd March the Lift the Ban coalition came together to plan the next steps for the campaign for the right to work for people seeking asylum, with attendees travelling from across the UK to represent the 200+ charities, unions, faith groups, businesses and think tanks that make up the coalition.

The energy in the room was palpable as we celebrated the sheer number of actions taken so far and heard moving poetry by people with lived experience of the ban that underlined its true human cost. Speakers in two panel discussions recognised the challenges for the campaign moving forwards in the new political context, but gave encouraging insights into the opportunities for influence that lie ahead should we continue to raise our voices locally and nationally, using the right language and arguments to keep winning cross-party support for the campaign.

Contributions from City of Sanctuary groups were extremely welcome at the event, such as from the tireless Hastings Community of Sanctuary who shared their experiences of successfully campaigning for their local councils to take action on the issue. If any other  groups would like to get more involved in the campaign for the right to work for people seeking sanctuary, please get in touch at